Kite Repair

Kite Repair
The most durable equipment on the market can be damaged whether it's kites or boards, but don't worry. We have you covered! We have lots of spares stocked in our shop!

At, we know how important it is to get out on the water. So we offer discounted kite rentals when you repair kites through us! Why would you want to wait on the beach watching all of your friends kite when the wind is good right now?

Our kite repair service offers the highest quality and greatest attention to detail with a fast turnaround, all without breaking your wallet. The type and color of the material is matched to what the kite was made from originally, and we pride ourselves in making the repairs very strong and hardly noticeable. Get your kite flying back to normal how it was before you exploded it on the beach or snagged it in a coconut tree.

Please Fix My Kite
1) Attach your name, address, phone number, make of the kite and size on the kite bag.
2) Draw a diagram of the kite and show where the repair is needed.
3) If you are leaving the island soon, highlight when you need the kite finished. Overnight? Call Sam directly at Maui Kite Repair (808) 205-0102
4) Clean, wash and dry the kite before giving it to him.
5) Hold the kite up to a light and look for any extra tears. Stick blue painter's tape next to any rip, so they can quickly find it.
6) Now that you have saved so much money on kite repairs, call for a professional kite lesson.

At, we highly recommend using Maui Kite Repair to professionally repair your kite. Sam can have your kite repaired overnight if you really need it! He offers fast, reliable, and professional repairs at great prices! Get in touch with Maui Kite Repair today. (808) 205-0102

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